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What does TRG publish?

The Research Group focuses on the core of science. We discuss the origins of science and its connections to other disciplines to stimulate a change in thinking. We do not believe in the status quo. To achieve our goal we publish original articles, video journals, hypothetical articles, summarized versions of important articles, commentaries on books and more works of art that engage students and those interested to understand the history of science and the factory that affects science and scientific thinking in the 21st century. We also aim to publish articles that advance critical thinking in the realm of any scientific field. We welcome articles for publication from anyone, from anywhere in the world.

For all types of articles, the average time from submission to publication is around seven to nine weeks. These times are usually shorter. When an essay is received, the author receives a primary decision within four weeks. After four weeks, the essay enters the acceptance process and finally the publication phase.

All works are published with open access and are open to peer-review.
We require your work to be of an original nature.

Submit your work by sending an e-mail to, attaching your work, full contact details and photograph.

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