About The Research Group

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The Erasmus University is a prestigious institution where particular attention is given to science. Indeed, many discoveries and cutting edge research has been done in Rotterdam. Exactly for this reason, more consideration should be given to what science actually is and how the scientific entity functions as a whole. This should be done with the idea that a shift in scientific paradigm is only possible when we reflect upon the history of science and realize the interaction of it with other disciplines. To give a practical example, we have observed this paradigm shift during the Renaissance when great minds considered the scientific progress of the Classical period in order to bring about a revolution of thought in their own time.

The Research Group is a pilot program in the Students 4 Students platform from the University of Rotterdam. We reflect, analyze and criticize scientific works. We do this through our famous 10 masterclasses where students learn to think about scientific methods, its fights with ‘the truth’, with the regulatory powers, with money, culture and many more disciplines that try to steer it in a particular direction.

Besides masterclasses, we offer original articles with the intention of stimulating meaningful discussion and critical thinking. We believe that science is a dynamic motion that comes with great responsibility. Amongst are aims are educating future scientists and encouraging greater responsibility and interaction with experts outside their field of study. By combining science with sociology, history, politics, economy and many more fields, we can explore more on the nature of realities.


Simran Sharma
Research is the fundament of new knowledge
Yasmin Kashmour
Vice President
Research is knowledge and knowledge is power
Ali Naimi
Founder/Internal Relations
Understanding of practice comes with a foundation in theory
Mehul Mistry


  • Summarizing research in accessible language
  • Delivering workshops on research in the context of a wider area of knowledge
  • Publishing research combined from different areas of knowledge
  • Urging interfacultary collaboration through masterclasses
  • Reviewing products and lifestyle options